Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dietitian Eats Series: Catherine Lucas

The Dietitian Eats Series is quite simply a series of posts on what Dietitians eat! I think there's something really satisfying about the guilty pleasure we get from being let in to a very personal part of someone's life- their food! This is the 5th instalment so if you missed any be sure to go back and check them out! (And if you're lazy like me, just click here, here, here and here).

Today's food diary is that of Cath...

Catherine Lucas, Accredited Practising Dietitian and PhD Candidate

Currently researching nutrition in pregnancy and lactation for her PhD, tutoring at university and working in private practice.

Twitter: @_cathlucas
Food Philosophy: Like most dietitians I love food! I feel like Michael Pollen sums up the best dietary advice perfectly, “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much”.
6am Rolled oats made with low fat soy milk and topped with stewed pear and cinnamon. Oats are definitely my favourite thing for breakfast, they keep me feeling full longer than anything else and I love the sweetness of stewed fruit and cinnamon. I usually top this with LSA but didn’t have any left in the pantry today!
10.30am 1 banana
12pm Salad made with locally grown lettuce, grated carrot, ½ can kidney beans and fetta. Topped with a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
3pm 1 small skim milk hot chocolate. This is a treat I have once or twice a week when I have had a stressful morning and need something to get me through the afternoon. I think that it’s the walk from my office to the café that actually does the most to clear my head.
6pm Smoked salmon and avocado rice paper rolls. I was leaving straight after work to drive down the coast for the weekend. Usually I would prepare a sandwich to take for the trip, but I didn’t have time this week. Instead I opted to grab some rice paper rolls on my way home which saved me from getting stuck on the road with Macdonalds or KFC as my only options. I follow this with 1 white chocolate and berry scone from Bakers Delight. A sweet treat for the long car trip down the coast.

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