Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Dietitian Eats Series: Megan Cameron-Lee

As a Dietitian, I constantly get asked whether I eat “like, really healthy?” There’s this misconception that the diet of a Dietitian consists solely of salad and grilled chicken and that it definitely doesn’t contain chocolate or cake or pizza, or anything vaguely delicious. Well I wanted to quash that notion by inviting several of my Dietitian friends to share their daily eats in a series of blog posts.

The idea? To let YOU know that a good diet means everything in moderation; that Dietitians aren’t the fun-sucking food police- that in fact we got into dietetics because we’re all foodies at heart; that there are so many different versions of ‘healthy’ and; to give you some healthy meal inspirations. Plus, who doesn’t love a good food perve?

So, I’ll be posting the food diaries of other Dietitians on my blog twice a week for the next few weeks! But first I decided to kick the series off by sharing my own ‘day on a plate’…


Megan Cameron-Lee, Accredited Practising Dietitian

Currently working in two Sydney-based practices with Exercise Physiologists, conducting individual consults and group programs; contributing to stock pages and writing articles for a food and nutrition magazine; sharing nutrition knowledge through various social media and this weekly blog!

Twitter: @dieteticdegust
Food Philosophy: It doesn’t have to be complicated or involve obscure 'health' foods, and you don't need to give up all the foods you love. Just focus on filling your plate with lots of healthy everyday veg, fruit & grains most of the time and eat everything else in moderation!

6.30am Breakfast is one meal I will never miss; if I do I’m hungry within an hour. My parents used to joke and ask if I wanted to use a mixing bowl for my cereal, since I always pour well over the recommended serve size. Today though, it’s natural muesli with skim milk which is more filling so I can get away with a little less.

11am I’m feeling a bit peckish so munch on an orange.

12.30pm I almost always find the time to prepare my lunch the night before when working- usually an egg or salad sandwich or leftovers. Since the weather’s getting a bit chilly, today I’ve opted for a toasted sandwich- reduced fat hommus, tomato, grated carrot, a slice of reduced fat cheese and rocket on rye bread. Plus, my secret ingredient: spring onion, which brings a great flavour.


4pm I’m quite predictable when it comes to my afternoon snack, it alternates between one of my homemade muesli bars (find the recipe here) or some yoghurt and fruit. I stewed some rhubarb and apple on the weekend so I’ve topped my reduced fat plain yoghurt with it along with some Kellogg’s All Bran Fibre Toppers- they add great crunch!

6.30pm Dinner tonight is one of my faves- lean beef, brown rice & veg stuffed into half a large red capsicum, plus a small rocket and tomato salad with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar (recipe also on m blog- here). Definitely more filling than it looks!

8pm Dessert is one thing I refuse to live without. I eat it just about every night, no joke. I love to bake so often it’s a pudding or piece of cake that I’ve made (a ‘healthier’ version of course!), but tonight there isn’t any baking in the house so I choose 3 pieces of my most recent favourite chocolate- dark peppermint cream- mmm.

Want to check out the diets of more Dietitians? Well don't worry, the next post will be up in a few days. But in the meantime, search 'what I ate on Wednesday' and you'll find similar food diaries from registered Dietitians from all around the world!

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