Sunday, 15 December 2013

Smart cooking swaps

I love cooking and playing around with recipes to make them healthier and so I thought I'd share a list of some of the swaps I've come across that you can use when cooking to adapt your recipes and change them for the better!

In savoury dishes for: mashed avocado, olive oil
In sweet dishes for: macadamia oil


In savoury dishes for: Carnation Light and Creamy evaporated milk 
thickened with a little cornflour, Greek no fat plain yoghurt
In sweet dishes for: no fat plain yoghurt, reduced fat milk thickened with 
a little cornflour



In sweet dishes for: half the amount of honey, natural sweetener
(e.g. stevia)
In sweet dishes in place of both fat and sugar: apple puree
(homemade or bought), mashed banana



White flour

In any dish for: wholemeal flour, high fibre white flour, LSA, almond meal
crumbled Weet-Bix, crumbled All-Bran, quinoa flour
Or add: chia seeds, bran

Puff, choex or shortcrust pastry

In any dish for: filo pastry, brushed with reduced fat milk between
layers and a little spray of olive oil on the outermost layer to make it golden ad crispy

Grated cheese

In any dish for: a smaller amount of grated parmesan cheese (it's
stronger so you don't need as much), reduced fat cheese

Coconut cream/milk

In any dish for: Carnation Light and Creamy coconut flavoured
evaporated milk, or reduced fat milk with a few drops of coconut essence

Sour cream

In any dish for: no fat Greek yoghurt with a squeeze of lemon juice

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